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Machine Modifications

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Machine Modifications

Tinplate Can Making Machinery Modification

We provide machine modifications upon request of our customers, no matter you are want to modify the electrical parts or machanical parts, pneumatic system, hyraudlic system, or you want to retrofit some part of tin can making machinery or production line, just let us know your demand, we will do our the best job to fulfill your requirement, 


Due to can making machinery modifications releated to some very strictly standards, we will ask for your samples of metal cans, and the specification details about your existing machinery or lines etc. At the same time, we may offer you about our professional advices on the modifiations, once after reaching a consensus, we will start to make our job step by step, it may need some time to finish the job, but to fulfill the task of modifications on your exisiting project, it is really worthy to make it. 


For more information, please contact our reps. via e-mail: hi@jeitco.com

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