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200cpm/300cpm Dia. 83mm H42mm 2PC DRD Tuna Can Making Turn-key Production Line

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200cpm/300cpm Dia. 83mm H42mm 2PC DRD Tuna Can Making Turn-key Production Line

The draw-redraw (DRD) tinplate can


Two piece Draw-redraw cans, usually with a ring pull opener, are commonly used to can food. In this method, a cup is stamped or drawn out of a disc of tinplate.


This cup is then re-drawn, trimmed and flanged to form the finished can. The cup has no separate bottom end, no side seam and, after lacquering, is ready for the canner to seal with an end.


Two-Piece Cans

Two-pieces cans are developed in replated of three-piece cans that cause lead pollution. The two-piece can is a packaging container with the bottom end and the body shaped from one sheet of metal by deep drawing, with a second end seamed to the can to close it and form a complete package for sale. As the whole can is composed of two pieces, it is known as the two-piece can.


Compared with the three-piece can, the two-piece can has the following advantages: 1. The can body has no side seam, and there’s no seam between the body and the bottom end, so the can is tightly sealed with less consumption of raw materials; 2. The can body can be fully decorated and printed; 3. The can making process is easy and efficient. However, it also has some disadvantages. For example, it requires excellent performance of the can-making materials and a high investment in equipment. Besides, can-making technologies, equipment and dies must be excellent as well.


Types of two-piece cans:

In terms of can body height, there are shallow drawn cans and deep drawn cans; in terms of raw materials, there are two-piece aluminum cans and two-piece steel cans (tinplate cans); in terms of can. Body forming, there are drawn and ironed (DI) cans and drawn and redrawn (DRD) cans; in terms of can shapes, there are round cans and irregular cans. The most commonly ones are DI cans and DRD cans.


The DRD can manufacturing process is composed of cupping, drawing redrawing, flanging, further machining, and forming.


Our production process for DRD can is normally divided into five major steps, including, feeding, punching and cupping, deep drawing and flanging, trimming, and camera inspection

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Workflow: Input---Feeding---Blanking + 1st drawing --- 2nd drawing + forming --- Trimming---Palletizing---Output

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