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10-15cpm Semi-Auto Pedal-Drive Sealing Machine GT4A16B For 1-5L Small Square Can Making









Can size:

1-5L Square Can


10-15cpm (Operator Dependent)



can seamer

can sealer

can seaming machine

can sealing machine

can closing machine

seaming machine

Product Overview

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Semi-Auto Pedal-Drive Sealing Machine GT4A16B For 1-5L Small Square Can Making (15-20 CPM)

Product Name 230mm Diagonal Semi-Automatic Can Seaming Machine
Usage Square Chemical Can Canmaking Diagonal range from 45-230mm
Model GT4A16B
Item Condition Brand-New
Applicable Can Shape Square Can
Applicable Can Vol. 1-5Litre
Main Color Silver
Output Capacity (CPM): Operator Dependent
Machine Operation Mode Semi-Automatic Pedal-Lift-Drive
Range of Can Diagonal 45-230 (mm)
Max. Can Height 50-400 (mm)
Max. Sheet Thickness:  0.4 (mm)
Lid Feed-in Mode Manual Feed-in
Seaming Mode Double Seaming
No. of Seaming Rollers 4-Roller
Seaming Roller Material High-grade Alloy Tool Steel (Cr12MoV)
Seaming Chuck Material High-grade Alloy Tool Steel (Cr12MoV)
Main Frame Material High Strength Steel for Canmaking
Magnetic Starter Built-in
AC Serve Motor Power:  1.5 kW
Motor Rotation Speed 940 RPM
Power Supply Required 380V 50/60Hz @ Three-Phase Sys.
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Construction Size 980 x 580 x 1,900 (mm)
Weight: 800kg
Lead time: 4 weeks
Packaging Plywood Case (Standard Export Packaging)
Warranty: 1st Year FREE CHARGE for parts from shipping date + Lifetime services
Operator Manual & Instruction PDF / Printed paper provided


The tinplate can body can then be joined to the bottom by a process called seaming (or called sealing/closing). The machine used is tin can seaming machine. Double seams or Triple Seams can be utilized.