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Advantages of Laminated two-piece DRD Can


Advantages of Laminated two-piece DRD can

Energy saving & eco- friendly

It uses laminated steel, no need of coating and baking, the most remarkable advantage is eco-friendly, conforming to national policy and the general development trend of society.



Prevent leakage-Thanks to the uni-body structure can body, the possibility of leakage from the welding joint and seaming has been eliminated.

High isolation: The laminating layer of tinplate isolates the content from tinplate, which enhance the food safety during storage.


High Temperature Resistance/Positive & Negative Pressure

With stronger can body, it is highly adaptable to positive and negative pressure canning procedure, no need to fill with nitrogen. It has wider application range.



Quality Assurance & Price Superiority.

Compared with overseas homogeneity products, it has a definite price advantage. China YONGXIN has been in the can making industry for over 10years, long-term, stable, reliable, quality and after-sale be guaranteed.

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