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25-30cpm XCH80 Automatic Double Spot Bailing Machine for Steel Pail Making





Can Size:

D220-300(mm), H300-450(mm)


25-30 cpm

Line Dimension:

L2,100 x W1,700 x H2,100(mm)

Line Weight:

1,800kg Approx.


Product Overview

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25-30cpm XCH80 Automatic Double Spot Bailing Machine for Steel Pail Making

Model XCH80
Item Condition Brand-New
Operation Mode Automatic
Feeding Type Automatic
Welding Type Spot Welding
Output Capacity (CPM) 25-30 cans/min.
Range of Can Diameter Ø220-300(mm )
Range of Canbody Height H300-450(mm)
Support Canbody Materials Tinplate / Steel-based / Chrome plate
Canbody Thickness Range less 0.50mm
Laser Lacating Side Seam Position Provided
Servo Sys. Control Feed-in Provided
Servo Sys. Device Built-in (Provider YASKAWA)
Pneumatic Sys. Built-in (Provider AirTAC)
PLC Device Built-in (Provider OMRON)
Products Counts Function Provided
Emergency Stop Function Provided
Protection Grade for Electrical Switch-gear Class Index IP65
Power System Overload & Short-Circuit Protection Provided
Power Supply Required 380V 50/60Hz @ Three-Phase Sys. (custom-made provided)
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Total Power 80kVA
Construction Size L2,100 x W1,700 x H2,100(mm)
Machine Weight 1,800kg