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30-35CPM 8-Seaming Roller (Double/Triple Seaming) Automatic 18L Square Can Seaming Machine





Can Size:

Diagonal 200-300mm; H150-400mm



Line Dimension:

L2,800 x W1,600 x H2,300 (mm)

Line Weight:

2.5-Ton Approx.


Product Overview

Feature Workflow BOM Technical Parameter YouTube Video PDF Download

30-35CPM 8-Seaming Roller (Double/Triple Seaming) Automatic 18L Square Can Seaming Machine

Main Features

 ※This automatic seamer is mainly included by machine frame, Input conveyor, Can clamping device, Seaming head (Eight seaming rollers), Can lid separating device, output conveyor, pneumatic system and control system.

 ※The electrical parts, PLC of this machine is all belong to Schneider brand. Use servo motor system to feeding and transmission cans. More stable and fast.

 ※ After change mould can used for seaming different kind of diameter cans.

 ※ Conveyor is taken plastic train type which protect the cans from damage during transmission.

 ※ The seamer use double separating plate to feeding the lid .with Detection system to make sure the lid feeding correct and stable.

 ※ Can height adjustment automatically by PLC.

 ※ If there is no cans, the machine will working slow to save energy.

Operation Mode Fully Automation
Output Capacity 30-35CPM
Diameter Range 200-300(mm)
Height Range 150-400(mm) Height can be adjustable
Lid Feed-in Mode Suction Cup Style Automatic Feed-in (Auto Detection)
No. of Seaming Roller 8-Seaming Roller
PLC Device Built-in
Touch Panel Control System Built-in 7'' Color Display (English Language Interface)
Power Supply 3P4W 380V
Motor Power 2.2KW
Air Pressure Required No less 0.6MPa
Construction Size L2,800 x W1,600 x H2,300 (mm)
Machine Weight 2,500kg