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502# 401# Milk Powder Tin Can Peel-off End Making Solution

Production Line for Peel off Ends Making, Diameter 99mm, Real-time speed up to 260epm, Fully Automatic Operation;
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Can Size:
502#-603# / 202#-603# / 202#-211#
260epm (Real-time)
Line Dimension:
L33,000 x W6,200 x H2,800(mm)
Line Weight:
22-Ton. Approx.
Technical Parameter
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502# 401# Milk Powder Tin Can Peel-off End Making Solution

3-Lane up to 600EPM 202#-211# Peel-off-End (POE) Making Production Line
The peelable foil end steel can

peel off end line 3D layout drawing

peel off end production line layout

POE Type Tinplate Thickness Alu. Membrane Tab Style Open Mouth Style Application
401# 0.21mm 90 mic. Pull / Ring O / D Dry food
0.25mm 90 mic. Pull / Ring O / D Dry food
502# 0.21mm 90 mic. Pull / Ring O / D Dry food
0.25mm 90 mic. Pull / Ring O / D Dry food

The series machine was successfully developed in 2017, and formally put into use by customers,can be used to manufacture 202#-603# POE,and specially suitable for bigger 307#-603#  iron POE. It can automatically complete the functions of lids feeding, punching, deep drawing, crimping, aluminum foil pre-sealing, sealing, embossing and output etc. Independent servo controls each function module, adjusts parameters separately, and achieves high speed response and synchronous movement. Inclined punching arrangement makes the aluminum foil waste least.

An innovation in food can manufacture is a can with a foil end that is easy to peel open.


The peelable foil end leaves non-sharp edges after opening which makes the end particularly safe after opening and has excellent product resistance qualities. So far this can specially formulated internal coating on the foil, has a wide range of food products. been used only for packing


The foil end can be printed externally with brand or product information.


The processing is rapid and highly mechanized.


Produce is harvested at its optimum maturity and nutritive value. While some fruits and vegetables are hand-picked much produce, including peas and tomatoes, is mechanically harvested. All produce is then carefully inspected for quality at the food canning plants.


The product is prepared with minimal, careful handling. Computer controls increase efficiency and product quality.


Easy to Open


Once the tab is pulled, the foil will peel off easily. It is very user-friendly.



The foil can be opened by pulling with a finger, without the aid of any instrument.



Eliminates the risk of end particles falling into the can during the process of opening.


POE can be seamed onto cans which are used for packing milk powder, coffee powder, chocolate powder, cereals, tea leaves and others.

easy peel off end
poe lid line
retort poe lid line
easy peel-off lid line
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Can Size
Line Dimension
Line Weight

Input---Feeding---Pressing---Curling---Hoisting---Lining---Testing---Standing---Drying---Seperating---Stacking---Hoisting---Destacking---Pressing---drawing---curling---foil preheating---sealing---embossing---counting---stacking---Output

peel off end line 3D layout drawing

1. O-frame pressing machine come with zig-zag sheet feeder;

2. Curling Machine;

3. Lining Machine;

4. Vision Inspection System for B/S;

5. Induction Drying Oven;

6. Automatic Packaging Table with counting and stacking and packing function;

7. POE Combo Machine;

8. Vision Inspection Sys. for POE.;

peel off end line 3D layout drawing

peel off end production line layout

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