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Aerosol Can Air Pressure Tester





Can Size:

D45-65(mm); H100-320(mm)


up to 300cpm

Line Dimension:

L2,000 x W2,440 x H2,800 (mm)

Line Weight:

2,000kg Approx.


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aerosol can tester

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Product Overview

Automatic Turn-plate type Air Pressure Testing for Aerosol Can Line;
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Aerosol Can Air Pressure Tester

LT-A Series Aerosol Can Leakage Tester is based on the scientific, advanced air pressure testing technology and data analysis concept, combining with precise mechanical structure and intelligent electrical control. After years' continuous researching, testing and improving work, it is improved to be a reliable and non-destructive leakage testing equipment for online testing for the pressured can/container. It is also the essential equipment for the high speed and automatic aerosol can production line.

Working Principle

This machine transfers the empty cans into the hermetic test chamber and adopts a hermetic device to insulate the inside and outside of empty cans. Please fill 8-12bar compressed air into the cans and vacuumize the exterior of the cans. Thus, the empty cans will be in high pressure difference (positive interior & negative exterior). In that case, analog the status after filling the content into the empty cans with high pressure and check during the holding time. If there is any leakage, even tiny leakage will cause the pressure changing of the chamber, the pressure sensor will read the data and analyze it. If it is an over value, the can will be rejected as defective can.

Mechanical Characteristic

§  High precision pressure sensor;

§  Advanced system for data analysis;

§  Intelligent control system;

§  Super anti-fatigue can pulling claw;

§  Highly reliable hermetic system and long life;

§  Independent testing circuit;

§  High pressure difference inspection;

§  Non-destructive online inspection;

§  Parameterize control;

§  Digital display;

§  Quick to change can size;

§  Easy operation;

Application Leak Testing for Aerosol Can
Model LT-A24 LT-A36
Quantity of Heads 24 36
Production Speed 200 CPM 300 CPM
Can Diameter D45-65(mm)
Can Height H100-320(mm)
Inspection Range Up to 1.5cc/10bar/Min
Air Consumption 3m³/min, 10bar 4.5m³/min, 10bar
Power Consumption 8KW 10KW
Power Supply 380V AC 50Hz, Three-phase Sys
Machine Weight 2,000KG
Construction Size L2,000 x W2,440 x H2,800 (mm)