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Automatic Lock Seam Canbody Making Machine





Can Size:

D50-310(mm)/ Diagonal up to 230 X 230(mm), H50-320(mm)


25-50cpm (Size Dependent)

Line Dimension:

Details See Chart Below

Line Weight:

2,000kg / 2,800kg Approx.


lock seam combo machine


fancy can combo machine

tin can making machine

cookies can making machine

fancy can making

Product Overview

Fancy Can Making Combo Machine
Feature Workflow BOM Technical Parameter YouTube Video PDF Download

Automatic Lock Seam Canbody Making Machine

Model CBM200 CBM300
Usage Automatic Lock-seam Tin Can Body Making
Item Condition Brand-new Brand-new
Operation Mode Fully Automatic Pneumatic-Drive
Output Capacity (CPM) 25-50 cans/Min.
(Tin Can Size Dependent)
25-30 cans/Min.
(Tin Can Size Dependent)
Size for Round-shape Tin Can Φ50-190 (mm) Φ100-310 (mm)
Size for Square-shape Tin Can 70 X 70(mm) - 140 X 140 (mm) 100 X 100(mm) - 230 X 230 (mm)
Height Range of Tin Can 50-320 (mm)
Thickness of Tinplate 0.16-0.38 (mm)
Touch Panel Screen Device Built-in 7'' Color Display (English Language Interface) Built-in 7'' Color Display (English Language Interface)
PLC Device Built-in Built-in
VFD Device Built-in Built-in
Double-Check Detection Device Built-in Built-in
Auto Control Lub-Sys.  Built-in Built-in
Auto Feed-in Device Built-in Built-in
Auto Notching Function Provided Provided
Notching Die Fast-Change Function Provided Provided
Auto Pre-Curling Function Provided Provided
Auto Edge Hemming Function Provided Provided
Auto Lock-Seam Function Provided Provided
Lock-Seam Die Fast-change Function Provided Provided
Manual Operation Settable Function Provided Provided
Power System Overload & Short-Circuit Protection Provided Provided
Protection Grade for Electrical Switch-gear Box Class Index IP65 Class Index IP65
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Total Power 7kW 7kW
Power Supply Required 380V AC 50/60Hz @ Three-phase Sys.
Weight 2000kg 2800kg
Construction Size 3000 X 2500 X 1600 (mm) 3200 X 3100 X 2000 (mm)
Lead time: 10-14 weeks from ordering
Packaging Plywood Case (Standard Export Packaging)
Warranty: 1st Year FREE CHARGE for parts from shipping date + Lifetime services
Operator Manual & Instruction PDF / Printed paper provided