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Automatic Tinplate Duplex Slitter for Small Rectangle Can Making





Can Size:

1-5L Square Can


up to 30SPM

Line Dimension:

L5,500 x W2,620 x H1,553 (mm)

Line Weight:

6,800kg Approx.


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Product Overview

Duplex Slitter for Metal Sheet with High efficiency and high accuracy;
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Automatic Tinplate Duplex Slitter for Small Rectangle Can Making

In a typical canbody production line, the slitter is the first stage in the manufacturing process. It cuts printed and lacquered metal sheets into body blanks of the required size. 

The slitter consists of feeder, shear, electrical control box, vacuum pump, loader and sharpener. The multifunctional slitter is versatility which it can feed automatically, vertical, horizontal cutting automatically, duplex detection and electromagnetism counting. 

Duplex slitter adopts the rolling cutting principle, using upper and down two groups of circular round tool cutting for tinplate or other metal plain sheet to strip and film material. The whole process of production is automatic, loaded with double metal sheet detection device, using programmable controller.

Product Name Automatic Tinplate Duplex Slitter
Model GT1B6
Item Condition Brand-New
Operation Mode Automatic
Output Capacity (CPM): up to 30 pieces of Sheet/Min. (Frequency Control of motor Speed)
Automatic Sheet Feeder Built-in
Slitting Speed (Speed of Feeding Chain) 0 ~ 59m/Min.
Min. Width of Crosswise Slitting Sheet 48mm (Tool apron needs to be changeover if the width less than 48mm)
Max. Sheet Thickness:  less 0.5 (mm)
Max. Sheet Width:  1050mm
Min. Sheet Width:  45mm
Slitting Method Circular Knife (Crosswise + Lengthwise)
Width of Tin for 1st Crosswise Slitting 160mm
Width of Tin for 2nd Lengthwise Slitting 40mm
No. of Crosswise Knifes (Slitting Die) 5-Group (made by Chrome-Tungsten Steel)
No. of Lengthwise Knifes (Slitting Die) 10-Group (made by Chrome Steel)
Knife Adjustable Mode Horizontal Sliding and Fixing
Safety Machine Fully Guarded
No. of Workbench 2-Set (Front + Back)
Automatic Feeding Device Built-in
Products Counts Function Provided
Motor Power:  6.5kW
Power Supply Required 380V 50/60Hz @ Three-Phase Sys
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Weight: 6,800kg
Construction Size L5,500 x W2,620 x H1,553 (mm)
Knife Grinder Provided