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Diameter D1.30-1.80/2.0mm High-frequency Welding Wire for (OFC) Oxygen-free copper

Copper wire for seam welder in canmaking industry
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(OFC) Welding Copper Wire
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Diameter D1.30-1.80/2.0mm High-frequency Welding Wire for (OFC) Oxygen-free copper

Copper Wire Selection information,normally :

1. Chemical Can (Pail) Body Thickness within 0.32mm use Copper wire Diameter D1.50mm;

2. Chemical Can (Pail) Body Thickness over 0.35mm use Copper wire Diameter D1.80mm;

3. Food Can Body Thickness use Copper wire Diameter D1.38mm;

Specification for copper wire of welder:

1, Thickness: 1.38mm pure red cooper wire

 (Diameter of Copper wire error : <-0.04mm)

 Pure Cooper wire with 99.8 %

2, Electrical property(under Temperature of 20 degree)

A, Max resistant  Ω.m m²/m   0.01724 

BMin conductivity  m/Ω.mm²  57.5

C, Thermal elongation  PER°K  1.7X10-5

The resistivity of conductor during high speed welder at temperature of 20 degree :P<0.017241Ω.m m²/m

Shear strength   > 180 N/ mm²

Tensile strength  245/285 N/ mm²

The cooper wire should be clean, no wrinkle, no fur, no discrepancy and no folding. With the normal metal color of red copper.


copper wire for welder
copper for welder
OFC Wire for welder
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Oxygen-free High Conductivity Copper – Cu-OF, Cu-OFE


All high conductivity coppers contain some oxygen as a result of the copper refining process but certain applications require copper with the highest purity and lowest oxygen levels, this is called Oxygen-free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC).

There are two grades: Cu-OF, with 99.95% copper and the higher purity Cu-OFE (oxygen-free electronic) with 99.99% copper with silver removed, and oxygen removed to 0.0005%. Cu-OFE is manufactured from pure copper cathode and poured under a protective gas atmosphere. It has about 1% higher electrical conductivity than Cu-OF and is used for high quality video and audio systems.

Copper minerals have to be separated from the waste rock formations in which they are embedded before production of pure copper can begin. It is a very impressive technological achievement to process rock with a few percent copper to a metal of 99.95% purity.

This is where the oxygen in air plays an important part.

The copper minerals are separated from the waste rock then crushed to a fine powder and melted in a furnace. Impurities are removed by either combining with fluxes to form a slag which is removed, or by being oxidised to vapour by air (oxygen). In oxygen-free high conductivity copper, all traces of oxygen are removed by either melting in a vacuum, using an inert atmosphere or a reducing environment resulting in a very pure (99.95%) copper.

It is not possible to remove every trace of impurity; no copper is 100% pure but OFHC has only a trace of oxygen. In practice the oxygen content is typically 0.001 to 0.003% with a total maximum impurity level of 0.03%.

It is the purest grade of any of the coppers.


In the annealed (soft) to hard condition the alloy has the following combination of properties:


Tensile strength: 222-385 N/mm2

0.1% Proof strength: 60-325 N/mm2

% Elongation: 60-4

Hardness (HV): 45-115

Electrical conductivity: average of 102% IACS and a guaranteed value of 101% IACS. This is the highest conductivity of all the coppers.

Thermal conductivity: 386-394 W/moC

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