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Robotic Palletizing Sys. for Steel Pail Tin Can Bucket





Can Size:



Tailor-made Dependent

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Product Overview

Smart Robotic Palletizer for 15-25L Tin Can Bucket from conveyor to Pallet Deck;
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Robotic Palletizing Sys. for Steel Pail Tin Can Bucket

This solution employs a 4-DOF industrial robot, a grabbing mechanism, a visual positioning system, automatic pallet stacking machine, a fully automatic strapping machine, automatic pallet PE/LLDPE film wrapping machine, a conveyor line, the robot as the center to palletizing and pack buckets.


Work Procedure:

1. The robot grabs 10 stacked buckets at a time (Total height of stacked buckets 1.3meter, and total weight 20kg Approx.);

2. Buckets palletizing with a size of 12 units x 2 layers on the pallet;

3. Film Wrapping to around of the finished pallet by spinning wrapping;


Product Features:

1. Highly automated;

2. Greatly improved production efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

3. Greatly reduce labor costs: the original production line needs 12 operators, and only 2 are required after automation;