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Tailor-Made Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Drying Oven GDCHG for Canbody Making





Can Size:

Various of Pail Can


up to 30Meters/Minute

Line Dimension:

Details See Chart Below

Line Weight:

Details See Chart Below


drying oven for steel pail can making

induction oven for steel pail can making

steel pail can oven

tin can bucket oven


Product Overview

Steel Pail Can Induction Drying Oven for Canbody Side Seam Curing;
Feature Workflow BOM Technical Parameter YouTube Video PDF Download

Tailor-Made Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Drying Oven GDCHG for Canbody Making

Model GDCHG-286-8 GDCHG-180-6 GDCHG-286-15
Usage Automatic drying after Internal Power or External Lacquer coating of variety of tin cans ---- Aerosols, food can, beverage can, chemical can
Operation Mode Automatic
Item Condition Brand-New
Main Color Light Grey
Conveyor Speed 5-30m./Min.
Conveyor Type Flat Chain Drive
Range of Can Diameter Ø200 - 400mm  Ø52 - 190mm Ø200 - 400mm
Heating Type High Frequency Electromagnetic Induction
Effective Heating 800mm X 8 (30CPM) 800mm X 6 (30CPM) 800mm X 15 (60CPM)
Max. Heating Power 1kw X 8 1kw X 6 1kw X 15
High Frequency Setting 80kHz ±10kHz
Electro Radiation Protective Fully Covered with Safety Guard
Effective Sensing Distance 5-20mm
Effective Induction Point Width 40mm
Powder Drying 25 sec. @ Can Height: 410mm, CPM 40
Temperature Rising Speed Distance 5mm, 8 sec, 280℃ Distance 5mm, 6 sec, 280℃ Distance 5mm, 15 sec, 280℃
Power Supply Required 380V AC +N >10kVA
Construction Size L7,500 X W700 X H1,420 (mm) L6,300 X W700 X H1,420 (mm) L15,000 X W700 X H1,420 (mm)
Weight 700kg 850kg 1,300kg
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Shipment Lead time 8-10weeks
Warranty 1st Year FREE CHARGE for parts from shipping date + Lifetime services
Packaging Plywood Case ( Standard Export Packaging)
Operator Manual PDF / Printed paper provided