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Tailor-Made Single File Accumulator Conveyor for food can making industry





Can Size:



Tailor-made Dependent

Line Dimension:

Tailor-made Dependent

Line Weight:

Tailor-made Dependent


Product Overview

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Tailor-Made Single File Accumulator Conveyor for food can making industry

Accumulation is a critical factor in the success of any well running line. By absorbing product during downstream stoppages, more critical machine can continue producing, improving the productivity of your production line. Simple buffer system allows for easy synchronization between different output speed of machinery.

Universal single file accumulation:

1.    Universal single file accumulation

2.    Suitable for various shapes and sizes of tin can making line;

3.    Support Empty and filled/Full tin can;

4.    As reliable and easy to operate as a conveyor;

5.    Easy and immediate adjustment of accumulation size to production needs.

6.    Mechanical efficiency >99%;

7.    Non obstructed floor level;

8.    Easy to maintain

9.    Low friction and mechanical constraints;

10.  Full accessibility of all conveyor parts

11.  Very few numbers of wearing part

12.  Compliance with common mechanical and electrical technical standards

13.  Maximum accumulation potential

14.  100% use of the effective space

15.  Use of all infeed chains for accumulation.

16.  Up to 20% better accumulation