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up to 30cpm Automatic Seaming Machine for 1-5L Square Tin Can Making (Lid Feed-in Mode: Screw Roller Operated Style)








Can size:

H200-450(mm); 1-5L Square Can


up to 30cpm



seaming machine for rectangle can

square can seaming machine

seaming machine

rectangle can closing machine

rectangle can seamer

Product Overview

Feature Workflow BOM Technical Parameter YouTube Video PDF Download

Automatic Seaming Machine for 1-5L Square Tin Can Making (up to 30 CPM Lid Feed-in Mode: Screw Roller Operated Style)

Product Name Small Square Fully Automatic Seamer
Usage Automatic Square Tin Can Making
Item Condition Brand-New
Applicable Can Shape Square Can
Applicable Can Vol. 1-5 Litre
Main Color White
Output Capacity (CPM): up to 30Cans/min. (Can Size Dependent)
Machine Operation Mode Automatic Pneumatic-Drive
Max. Can Height 200-450 (mm)
Max. Sheet Thickness:  0.4 (mm)
Lid Feed-in Mode Automatic Feed-in
PLC Device Built-in
VFD Device Built-in
Auto Feed-Can-in Detection Provided (For matching seaming linkwork Sys.)
Auto Lubrication Sys. Buiilt-in (Timely lubricating+Lubricating frequency adjustable)
Touch Panel Screen Device Built-in 7'' Color Display (English Language Interface)
Input Conveyor Control System Pacing Speed Drived by Gear Motor (Setting Availble)
Output Conveyor Control System Constant Speed drived by Gear Motor (Setting Availble)
Seaming Mode High Precision Double Seaming
No. of Seaming Rollers 6-Roller
Seaming Roller Material High-grade Alloy Tool Steel (Cr12MoV)
Seaming Chuck Material High-grade Alloy Tool Steel (Cr12MoV)
Main Frame Material High Strength Steel for Canmaking
Power System Overload & Short-circuit Protection Provided
Pad-Lock Emergency Switch (ON-OFF) Built-in
Protection Grade for Electrical Switch-gear Box Class Index IP55
Total Power:  2.2kW
Motor Rotation Speed Variable
Power Supply Required 380V 50/60Hz @ Three-Phase Sys.
Motor Supplier SIEMENS
Air Pressure Require No less 0.6MPa
Pneumatic System Supplier AirTAC
Touch Panel Screen Device Supplier Schneider Electric
Linear Motion Guide Rail System HIWIN
PLC Device Supplier Delta
Electrical Control & Distribution System Supplier Schneider Electric + DELTA + OMRON
Inductive / Photoelectric Sensor Supplier CONTROLWAY + HANYONG NUX + BANNER
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Construction Size L3000 x W950 x H1850 (mm) 
Weight: 1,100kg
Lead time: 10-12 weeks
Packaging Plywood Case (Standard Export Packaging)
Warranty: 1st Year FREE CHARGE for parts from shipping date + Lifetime services
Operator Manual & Instruction PDF / Printed paper provided


 The tinplate can body can then be joined to the bottom by a process called seaming (or called sealing/closing). The machine used is tin can seaming machine. Double seams or Triple Seams can be utilized.