Turn-key Solution

Turn Key Solution for Tin Can Making Production Line


Pulling it all together! - Full turn key assembly solution projects, in such case the purpose of using a turn key solution is to avoid the hassle or headache of setting up your own in-house tin can making solution, include design, manufacturing, shipping, testing and commissioning of on turn key basis. Considering 96% uptime and manpower single shift of operation and yearly target can output.


#1. Pre-Sales Service:

......Inquiry and consulting support.

......Sample testing support.

......Visiting our factory and facilities,


#2. After-Sales Service:

......Training how to install our machines, training how to operate machines, and teaching necessary know-how.


1. Workshop:

1.1) Workshop structure have the function of raw material storehouse, and finished product storehouse., the changing room, the visitor passageway, office district and so on. Our company will accord to customers' request to provide factory paper layout design and workshop design service to meet your anticipation, including electricity power, material storage, and worker's restroom, etc.


1.2) General requirements of workshop: at least 500 square meters, workshop height no less than 6meters.


1.3) Requirements in storehouse: The ambient temperature, keep in 25℃, Humidity must be controlled. (Could be changed to meet actual ON-SITE environment)


2. Infrastructure:

2.1) Power source: 3-phase, 380V AC, 50Hz;

2.2) Water supply: little need;

2.3) Compressed air source: 0.8-1.2MP compressed air;

2.4) Air condition, before the process of laminating, need keep the room temperature on 25℃;

2.5) Environment: (enclosed, dust-proof, anti-skid, temperature);

2.6) The main production site layout plans lay out design, we can design according customer's building.


On-Site Installation, Commissioning and Training:

Commissioning Services

Commissioning is the process of ensuring that manufacturing systems are designed, installed, functionally tested and capable of being operated and maintained in accordance with the original design intent. Yongxin has extensive experience in coordinating manpower and in affording support for these processes.

We will send a certain number of engineer or technicians (according to the specific TKS Project) to buyer's site for our machines installation and commissioning, also training buyer' side on operation and maintenance. All expenditure on round-trip air tickets, travel, food, accommodation and transportation of our engineers/technicians for installation will be borne by buyer, in addition, salary of engineers shall borne by buyer (specific salary of engineers depends on specific turn key solution project.),


Information for Enquire


If you are interested in our can-making machine, pail-making machine, drum making machine or any other machine and spares, do not hesitate to contact us. In order to offer suitable solution, we need the information as below: 


1.     What is the material of the can, tinplate or other kinds of plate?

2.     What is the thickness and hardness of the material?

3.     What is the inside can diameter and overlap?

4.     What is the can height before flanging?

5.     How many cans to be produced per minute?

6.     What is the industry voltage (not civil voltage), frequency, phase in your esteemed country?