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130-175spm Automatic Tinplate Sheet CNC Scroll-cut Shearing Line (Scroll Sheeting Sys.)





Can Size:

Various of EOE or B/S



Line Dimension:

L18,400 x W7,700 x H3,300(mm)

Line Weight:

30-Ton Approx.


scroll cut shearing line

scroll-cut shearing

cut to length

eoe making line

eoe line

Product Overview

Scroll-cut Shearing Line for metal can making to improve effciency in canmaking industry;
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130-175spm Automatic Tinplate Sheet CNC Scroll-cut Shearing Line (Scroll Sheeting Sys.)


Our scroll shear is a piece of coil cutting equipment used for uncoiling, levelling, feeding and high precision shearing of tinplates and aluminum sheets.


This metal sheet scroll-cut shearing production line is essential equipment for can printing and coating, and the can lid making industry. It is capable of effectively reducing consumption levels of tinplates and aluminum sheets, as well as reducing production costs.

Name of Producton Line HL1200BS3A CNC Scroll Shearing Line
Usage For uncoiling, straightening, high-precise scroll cutting and stacking tinplate or aluminum. It is an important device for can-making or metal-printing companies to reduce tinplate loss and producing cost.
Electrical Parts Provider Full set of Mistubishi
Support Material Tinplate, Blackplate, TFS and Aluminum in tempers normally associated with standard can making material
Shearing Die Type Straight Shear / Scroll Shear
Shearing Type Feed-to-stop
Max. Shearing Width 500-1,200mm
Max. Shearing Thickness 0.125-0.525mm
Max. Shearing Length 500-1200mm
Max. Weight of Tinplate in Coil 13.5T
Inner Diamter of Tinplate in Coil 420mm
Window of Tinplate in Coil 398-440mm
Outer Diamter of Tinplate in Coil 915-1,800mm
Max. Linear Speed 140m/min
Max. Shearing Stroke 175 SPM
Max. Bundle Weight 2,100kg
Max. Bundle Height 460mm(Stander Included)
Length Error ≤±0.15mm
Catercorner Error ≤±0.18/1,000mm
Total Power 120kw
Total Air Consumption 1m3/min