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Chemical Can Use Automatic Tinplate Slitting Machine c/w sheet feeder





Can Size:

Various (Tailor-made)


50pcs sheets per minute

Line Dimension:

L6,000 x W1,600 x H1,800 (mm)

Line Weight:

3,500kg Approx.


Single slitting for metal sheet

single slitter

automatic single slitter

auto single slitting machine

tin can making machine

Product Overview

Automatic Single Slitter for Chemical Can Making
Feature Workflow BOM Technical Parameter YouTube Video PDF Download

Chemical Can Use Automatic Tinplate Slitting Machine c/w sheet feeder

This machine can be used for slitting tinplate sheet or trimming tinplate sheet before seam welding, make the tinplate blanks perfect meet customer's requirements, can be adjust one side trimming, double side trimming, etc. 

slitter layout

Product Name Automatic Tinplate Single Slitter
Usage Tinplate Slitting for Canmaking
Model GT1B8
Item Condition Brand-New
Operation Mode Automatic
Main Color Blue+White
Output Capacity (CPM): up to 50 P./min.
Automatic Sheet Feeder Built-in
Automatic Adjust Device Built-in
Automatic Take-up Device Built-in
Slitting Method Circular Knife
No. of Knifes (Slitting Die) 8-Group
Material of Knife (Slitting Die) High-alloy steel (Cr12MoV)
Max. Sheet Thickness:  less 0.45 (mm)
Max. Sheet Width:  1050mm
Knife Adjustable Horizontal Sliding and Fixing
Main Frame Material High Strength Steel for Tinplate Slitter
Total Power:  3.5kW
Power Supply Required 380V 50/60Hz @ Three-Phase Sys
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Weight: 3500kg
Construction Size L6000 x W1600 x H1800 (mm)
Lead time: 8-10 weeks
Warranty: 1st Year FREE CHARGE for parts from shipping date + Lifetime services
Packaging Plywood Case (Standard Export Packaging)
Optional Extra Knife Grinder
Operator Manual & Instruction PDF / Paper printed provided



slitter layout



slitter layout



slitter layout



slitter layout



slitter layout