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Light Leakage Testing System for EOE conversion line





Can Size:

up to 700D


Tailor-made Dependent

Line Dimension:

Tailor-made Dependent

Line Weight:

Tailor-made Dependent


light leakage tester

light leakage testing machine

light leakage inspection

Product Overview

eoe conversion line light leakage inspection system
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Light Leakage Testing System for EOE conversion line


LLTS is specially used for metal packaging industry (basic end line and canbody line) to provide canmaker a significant improvement in product quality. It can be worked both inline and off-line. HMI device is applied for a better customer experience of system adjustment and monitoring. Industrial PLC device is used for sampling control with a high accuracy and stability.



- 100% products inspection with a low cost;

- Wide application for round and irregular shapes product. Inspecting end size up to 700D;

- Fast inline inspection speed up to 800pcs per minute;

- Modular design for easy installation and maintenance;

- Maximum 4 channels working at the same time; High vibration resistance;



-       Ends (Round shape & Irregular shapes)

-       Canbodies

-       Metal Sheets

-       Others


Inspectable Defects:

-       Tears, cracks or pinholes on the panel (Rivet, score line, chuck wall, tab ring)

-       Curled Area (if the defect can affect the light seal)