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Pull Ring Crown RipCap Making for Glass Beer Bottle Mouth Diameter 26mm





Can Size:

Bottle Mouth Diameter 26mm


1,500-5,000PCS per Hour

Line Dimension:

Details please contact us

Line Weight:

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Product Overview

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Pull Ring Crown RipCap Making for Glass Beer Bottle Mouth Diameter 26mm

1)Material: high-quality aluminum

2)Liner: PVC

3)Inner diameter: 28mm

4)Bottle mouth diameter: 26mm

5)Cap height: 6mm

6)Surface can be printed various designs. Any color according to you request and print marks what you want.

7)Easy to open, without any tools. Safer, reliable and good air tightness.

8)This product applies equally to crown cover the bottle.


Like the popular 26mm RingCrown the RipCap wide mouth ring pull cap has many benefits. It is tamper evident, easy-to-open, suitable for many applications, good on shelf visual impact and has a high-pressure performance.


In addition, the comfortable wide bottle cap finish is perfect for direct consumption from the bottle. This benefit could be described as good “drink-ability”. The wide mouth in addition gives excellent smooth pouring from bottle to glass.


With a high-pressure resistance of 7 bars the wide mouth RipCap closure is used for applications like beer, cider, spirit based RTDs and energy drinks.