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Rotary Empty Can Spray Water Rinser





Can Size:

Beverage Can Tailor-made


up to 400cpm

Line Dimension:


Line Weight:

150kg Approx.


Empty Can Rinser

tin can rinser

beverage can rinser

food can rinser

tin can making machine

beverage can line

Product Overview

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Rotary Empty Can Spray Water Rinser

This Empty Can Rinser is equipped with depalletizer in Filled/full can making line. The empty can rinsing machine is conveyed from overhead conveyor at the side of buffer platform of depalletizer to the Can In-Feeding and Inverting Machine at the top of Can Rising Machine. The Can Inverting Machine will overturn 180 degree, the opening. Of the empty can will be down. High-temperature water will be used at the stage of washing stage by injection. When cans come to the Can Out-Feeding.

The spray rinser is used for carry out automatic spray sterilization of the internal cavity and external surface of the pop can. It is all made of stainless steel.


During the washing, firstly the can are turned into the can washer, and then are sprayed by a warm water pipe with many holes at the lateral bottom. The cans will rotate for 0.5meter accordingly to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and then they will slide into the next conveyor chain way along the can turner. Note that there shall have no interruption when the cans are in the slide way lest the can moving speed is too high and the water is not clean. 

Output Capacity: up to 400 cans/min up to 600 cans/min
Applicable Range: Tailor-made for Filling/Full Food Can Line
Water Consumption: 300kg/h(Depends on water pressure)
Machine Weight: 150kg Approx. 180kg Approx.
Machine Dimension: L4,000 x W500 x H2,300 (mm) L4,500 x W500 x H2,300 (mm)