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Tailor-Made Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Drying Oven GDCHG for Canbody Making





Can Size:



up to 30Meters/Minute

Line Dimension:

Details See Chart Below

Line Weight:

Details See Chart Below


induction drying oven

induction oven

drying oven

tin can drying oven

side seam oven

canbody oven

tin can making machine

Product Overview

High-Frequency Induction Drying Oven for Tin Can Side Seam Drying (Canbody Curing);
Feature Workflow BOM Technical Parameter YouTube Video PDF Download

Tailor-Made Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Drying Oven GDCHG for Canbody Making

Model GDCHG-286-8 GDCHG-180-6 GDCHG-286-15
Usage Automatic drying after Internal Power or External Lacquer coating of variety of tin cans ---- Aerosols, food can, beverage can, chemical can
Operation Mode Automatic
Item Condition Brand-New
Main Color Light Grey
Conveyor Speed 5-30m./Min.
Conveyor Type Flat Chain Drive
Range of Can Diameter Ø200 - 400mm  Ø52 - 190mm Ø200 - 400mm
Heating Type High Frequency Electromagnetic Induction
Effective Heating 800mm X 8 (30CPM) 800mm X 6 (30CPM) 800mm X 15 (60CPM)
Max. Heating Power 1kw X 8 1kw X 6 1kw X 15
High Frequency Setting 80kHz ±10kHz
Electro Radiation Protective Fully Covered with Safety Guard
Effective Sensing Distance 5-20mm
Effective Induction Point Width 40mm
Powder Drying 25 sec. @ Can Height: 410mm, CPM 40
Temperature Rising Speed Distance 5mm, 8 sec, 280℃ Distance 5mm, 6 sec, 280℃ Distance 5mm, 15 sec, 280℃
Power Supply Required 380V AC +N >10kVA
Construction Size L7,500 X W700 X H1,420 (mm) L6,300 X W700 X H1,420 (mm) L15,000 X W700 X H1,420 (mm)
Weight 700kg 850kg 1,300kg
Standard IEC60947 for Electrical System
Shipment Lead time 8-10weeks
Warranty 1st Year FREE CHARGE for parts from shipping date + Lifetime services
Packaging Plywood Case ( Standard Export Packaging)
Operator Manual PDF / Printed paper provided