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Tailor-Made Scroll Sheet Shearing Die Set for Easy-open End Industry





Can Size:




Line Dimension:


Line Weight:



scroll-cut tooling die

scroll cut tooling

scroll cut shearing

scroll cut slitting

scroll cut die set

Product Overview

Tailor-made Tooling for Scroll-cut Shearing;
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Tailor-Made Scroll Sheet Shearing Die Set for Easy-open End Industry

Straight-cut die/Scroll-cut die: For accurately fast cutting tinplate and aluminum in tempers normally associated with standard can making material. Being made of carbide. Widely used in our CNC Shearing line, USA Shearer and Japanese flying shearer.


Scroll Dies for Tinplate used in Can End Shell making line.


Tungsten Carbide and SKDII Scroll Cutting Dies。


These Cutting Dies are suitable for various industries using tin plate or aluminum material. It can also be applied for food can, beverage can, can end, container and metal industry in different field.


While these are made from carbide, it is used for cutting tin plate sheets and SKDII material is good for shearing aluminum sheets.


Cutting dies, design, and technology are developed in combination to meet the diversified demand from customers.


Dies can be designed as per customer's request and the use of excellent craftsmanship makes the material more cost-effective for the process from sheet cutting to can lids.


with your specific requirements such as sheet material, thickness, dimension, feeding direction, cut edge diameter, pitch, sheet ends and machine type to build the scroll dies in good quality.