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Turnplate type Food Tin Can Leakage Tester





Can Size:



up to 750cpm

Line Dimension:

L2,812 x W2,120 x H1,630(mm)

Line Weight:

2,400kg Approx.


Food Can Tester

food can leakage tester

food can leakage testing

food can testing

air tester for food can

food can making

Product Overview

Automatic Turn-plate Leakage Air Pressure Testing for Food Can Line;
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Turnplate type Food Tin Can Leakage Tester

This machine adopts vacuum theory (pressure difference) to detect if there is leakage on the can body. It also uses precise detection elements to detect can body induction value and the detecting performance, even small pinhole can be detected. The empty cans will be pushed to the vacuum valve position which is running steadily and rotating in a high speed by rotary table, then the cans will be vacuumized by the vacuum valve. The electronic precise pressure sensor will detect mini pressure variation inside the cans and compare with the set value. If it is not conformed with the set value of empty can vacuum degree, the can will be rejected.


Mechanical Characteristic

§  Vacuum, undamaged, high-precision detection;

§  Automatic control system, humanized man-computer interface;

§  Thorough numerical analysis system to ensure precise detection;

§  Automatic error detecting system;

§  Vertical conveying of can body to realize the smooth connection of the whole line;

§  Scratch-resistant of can body, easily adjustment of parameters and can type;

§  Protective cover;

§  height adjustment with rotary table type;

Application Leak tester for food can and paint can
Model LT-F40 LT-F60
Operation Automatic
Production Capacity up to 480 CPM up to 750 CPM
Range of Dia. D52-99(mm) D52-79(mm)
Range of Can Height H60-180(mm)
Inspection Capacity ≥0.05mm ≥0.05mm
Air Consumption 0.6MPa  60L/min 0.6Mpa  100L/min
Power Consumption 10-12(KW)
Power Supply 380V AC 50Hz, Three-phase Sys.
Machine Weight 2,000kg 2,400kg 
Construction Size L2,812 x W2,120 x H1,630(mm)